Re: I can't get Opera to show videos on websites

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On Thursday 29 March 2007 12:32, Jim Cornette wrote:
> Jongi wrote:
> > Is Opera not that widely used by the fedora community?
> I have not used it for ages. I don't think Netscape 4.x was common then,
> but the two seem as distant in the past.
> Does it still flash advertisements as it back then?
> Jim

Of recent times Opera is now being offered totally free. That is, no ads 
displayed on the browser.

As regards the playing of videos on Opera, I trawled through the Opera forum, 
and it appears that if you have Mplayerplugin installed for Firefox, you also 
have to install another instance of Mplayerplugin to work with Opera, so as 
to play videos.

I must admit that I havn't tried this, as I don't wish to risk messing up 
playing of videos with Firefox, which work ok.

If I had a spare harddrive available for testing purposes I'd probably try it. 
That will have to wait for another day.


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