Re: Firefox- vs FC6?

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Chris Jones <jonesc <at>> writes:
> 2. Enable the remi repo by default, by set yum up to only allow firefox 
> updates to come from remi - Not sure exactly what edits in the yum conf 
> files are needed for this, but I believe it is possible ?

includepkgs=firefox devhelp epiphany galeon gnome-python2-gtkmozembed 
gtkmozembedmm liferea yelp

(If you do just includespkgs=firefox, you're in for another kind of dependency 
hell (unless you don't have any other packages from the list installed anyway), 
because Fedora's versions of the other packages in that list are linked against 
1.5, so you need Rémi's rebuilt ones, the only changes in these are the 
rebuilds against Firefox 2.)

        Kevin Kofler

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