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James Wilkinson wrote:
Patrick wrote:
Try setting it to memory card:
Main menu -> Connection -> USB Setting -> Change -> Memory Card
It shows up in the file browser as Motorola V360 Music Player (Rawhide).
Could not mount it though so something isn't right. Iirc it works on
Paul Lemmons replied:

I am assuming that the change to memory card above is to be done on
the phone, I just went through all of my menu settings and I don't see
what you are describing. Are we talking about the same phone?
A lot of these settings on the Motorola phones can be turned on or off
or modified by the network, depending on what features they want to
support, and what they think they can charge you for.

I had a Motorola phone that was perfectly capable of downloading Java
applets through a USB connection, but T-Mobile had turned that off,
hoping to get me to choose from a limited selection of Java games they
offered for £5 per month.

Erm -- no.

(It might be the network wanting to either sell Windows software to talk
to the phone or "encouraging" you to download things over their



Sorry for the late response but there is a Linux Motorola phone software
package that I have used to connect to my phone in FC4. I have not
played with it in FC6.
Take a look at P2KTools or Moto4lin

Due to the move to M$ Exchange Server,
   anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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