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Em Qua 14 Mar 2007, Nigel Henry escreveu:
> KDE's Konquerors default downloader is terrible. You lose the
> Internet connection, or have a power out, and you've lost the
> download. Kget doesn't have these problems. I can cut the
> connection to the Internet, then reconnect, and Kget will continue
> with the download where it left off. Same goes if I get a power
> outage.
> With Firefox you can pause the download, as long as you still have
> an Internet connection, then resume it, but if you lose your
> Internet connection, or suffer a power outage you lose all the
> download with no way to resume.
> I'm on dialup, so losing 120MB of a 121MB download is not funny.
> And having to start from scratch is annoying to say the least.
> Does anyone know of any program similar to Kget that will work with
> Firefox?

You may use Kget itself. Install the Flashgot extension for Firefox 
and it will offer you the option to choose any installed download 
manager (including kget) when downloading a file.


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