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--- Mike McCarty <[email protected]> wrote:

> Colin Brace wrote:
> > On 3/10/07, Mick Mearns <[email protected]>
> wrote:
> > 
> >> I have some older "store-bought" VHS tapes that I
> want to convert to
> >> DVD.
> > 
> > 
> > This page might be of help:
> > 
> > Converting VHS to DVD under Linux HOWTO
> >
> > 
> On a slightly different topic, my girlfriend has
> this problem
> as well, and also wants to copy several DVDs so she
> can wear
> out the copies rather than the originals. She bought
> some
> commercial software, DVDx I believe, which claims to
> do that,
> and which we tried to run under Wine. We hit some
> permissions
> problems it looks like.

DvdShrink 3.2 from Mr Bass works, however only for
nonencrypted ones.  Have not learned how to use DVD43
with wine in Linux to help this case.  For all other
cases, try DVDFabDecrypter

You will need to rip the movie first to hard disk and
then use Shrink to make an iso and burn with K3B or
growisofs from command line.  It could work, I have
not tested for the past year.  IT worked with FC5 Test
2 on a machine I ran for testing, have not tried

> I tried downloading vobcopy, and it's been running a
> couple
> of *days* trying to rip a two hour movie!
> Anyone here with experience ripping/copying DVDs
> using
> Linux?
> Not trying to give away or sell, just for personal
> use.
> Each time a DVD gets taken out of its case, there
> are
> microcracks and scratches. Wanna play the copies.
> This is in the USA.

This is something that is taken in the wrong way.  You
need to protect your investment.  Make a backup copy
and use it and if you need it because a child
scratched it, you can easily bring it back.  IT makes
alot of sense, instead of dishing out more $$ for
another copy.   

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