Re: DVD frustration - new observation

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On Tuesday 13 March 2007, Robin Laing wrote:
> If you look at the files created by a standalone player, you may find
> that they do some strange things in the file that affect how they play
> on Linux.  I know that DVD's created in my DVD recorder won't play in my
> PS2.  I have looked at the IFO files and found that if I just run a
> check of the files and then re-burn the DVD, they will work.  I have not
> gone into great details on this.
> I do know that I seem to have some issues with DVD's burned on this
> recorder and playing them in my new but very cheap DVD player.  But the
> DVD player will play almost anything, even PAL DVD's with no issues.
These problems can happen, but in the past I have found no incompatibility 
between disks recorded on one and played back on the other, be it computer or 


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