Re: FC6 doesn't boot on VIA C3

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Hans-Jürgen Koch wrote:

> I'm trying to boot FC6 on an IPC with a VIA C3 (Samuel 2). The kernel
> comes up without error messages. As soon as a binary from the root
> file system should be started, the boot process stops without further
> messages. Keyboard and screen are still working!  Not that the root
> file system was already successfully mounted by the kernel, and no
> errors or warnings where displayed on the console.
> Are there any known limitations of FC6 regarding VIA processors? Any
> other hints?

Did you install on this PC? Or did you install on another PC and are
moving the disks to this one? As I understand it, gcc thinks that i686
processors support the CMOV instruction and will use it (when compiling
for i686 processors) without explicitly testing for it. Via C3s of that
era didn't, and so gcc-generated i686 code will crash on it.

As an added complication, you may be using an i586 kernel with an i686
glibc, due to a well-known FC6 install bug.

If you install on this PC, Fedora should choose the right RPMs
automatically. Alternatively, you could do something like
rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME}.%{ARCH}\n" | grep i686
to find all the i686 packages on the machine, download i586 equivalents,
and use
rpm -F --oldpackage *.i586*.rpm
to replace the i686 packages with i586 versions.

There shouldn't be much more than the kernel, glibc, and openssl to

Hope this helps,


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