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Gareth Howlett wrote:
> We’ve got a number of computers sitting around the office that don’t
> detect PS/2 peripherals when plugged-in.  If they were plugged-in during
> boot they work just fine, but if they were plugged-in after boot they don’t.
> 1)       Anyone here ever heard of this before?
> 2)       Is there anything I can do about it (force a kernel re-detect?)
> I’ve checked the BIOS settings and I’m using FC4 (2.6.12-1.1447).  Dmesg
> and /var/log/messages don’t display anything relevant (in the after-boot
> case).
First of all, most (all) PS/2 devices are not designed to be
hotplugged. Depending on the BIOS, it may disable the PS/2 mouse
connection if there is not a mouse plugged in at boot. There may be
a BIOS setting for this. But if I remember correctly, this is a
choice of off or auto.

Depending on your hardware, you may also be running the risk of
destroying the PS/2 device or motherboard circuitry.


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