Re: Can I generate Installation DVD from Development repository

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Hikaru Amano wrote:
On 3/4/07, Bruno Wolff III <[email protected]> wrote:

I just copied the .discinfo file from F7T1 and added more CD numbers to it.
I don't know how any of the other lines are used.



$FCBASE/core is the mirror of the whole core layout. You need to have the
images as that is what actually gets booted. So you will need to grab some
things you don't have yet.

The reason I copy things over, is that at times there are multiple versions
of the same package in the repo and I want to be able to clean out the
superceded ones, but still have a copy so if I resync my mirror, I don't
redownload stuff I already have gotten.
I think I got it now .. :) .. I'll be trying to download the ISO again
.. if still fails in the middle of the download, will resort to this
method ..

On 3/4/07, Jim Cornette <[email protected]> wrote:

You might try to download using wget with the ftp location link. I am
trying it now and it seems to be working.

This might be a jumbled output copied from the terminal but basically, I
am using the link that was posted in earlier parts of the thread.
... outbound FTP connection is **blocked** in the network ... only
HTTP and HTTPS worked ... XD

I guess wget works with http also. Are you not retrieving the iso and
not sending ftp?
The file is working fine for me and is pulling in the file at speeds
varying from 300k/s down to the 100k/s ranges and is 17% complete since
my previous posting.
I could not see someone not allowing one to pull in files from ftp
sites. Sending files out ftp though might be a security risk to the
organization. No doubt some admins would limit ftp incoming though.
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