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On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 13:55 +0900, javajunkie wrote:
>  > > Australia would have picked up the slack. <g> Ric
> > >   
> > I'll give you this much: Australia would have given it the good old 
> > college try. I'm not likely to forget the Aussie's part in the Pacific 
> > theater of WWII.
> How is this linux related?
> Really how?
> If you want to discuss how American actions around 1868 destabilized the
> Japanese government allowing those more militarily minded to take power
> with the promise that Japan would never become Hong Kong...
> Granted we were kind enough to drop nukes on civilians for good measure
> before kindly establishing democracy.
> Yeah sure my family members were in the U.S. navy at the time and I am
> lucky to even be alive.  Maybe the nukes even gave me life by stopping
> the fighting and sparing my grandfather.  And if the nukes would have
> been on Tokyo, I wouldn't be here today.  
> It's not untrue though to say the whole thing could have been prevented
> by both sides.  Why don't you take the political cheering elsewhere.
> You can be proud of the body count should you so choose.  I'd prefer
> there wasn't one because if either side had been a little more lethal, I
> would not get to enjoy fedora.
I am an American.

I could have commented on the video but didn't think it appropriate for
this list.
I could have commented on the concept that people actually voted for
George W Bush but didn't think it appropriate for this list.
I could comment on the concept that this great nation is the only one
who has actually employed nuclear weapons, continues to detain prisoners
in stealth but didn't think it appropriate for this list.

Those who are not living in America should note that not all of us who
do, embrace the referenced movie, this president, some of our past and
current misdeeds but in the end, this discussion isn't appropriate for
this list.


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