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javajunkie wrote:
It's time to stop the political hate fest. But do watch this video first.

I watched the video which was a propaganda piece which would make the
Bush administration proud .

I voted for both Presidents Bush, and I should very much like to vote for Newt Gingrich, if anyone can persuade him to stand for election as President of the United States.
Here is my challenge to you, Aaron: Can you refute that video? Can you
deny that without America, any of the newscasts in that video would
/not/ have come to pass?

A world without Linux would be...(fill in the blank)[obviously a less
good place]

Does this mean we should stop trying to improve Linux?

Logical consistency would argue you are saying yes [ie. because
something has done well, that means it escapes criticism].  I say no.

America has done well.  Can it not do better?  Perhaps you say no.  I
say yes.  I think it needs to really, for it's own sake.

Same with M$ft.  Should people just accept the way it is because it has
done well, or should they look for a superior alternative?  It depends I
guess on how you define "well".
You like Bush.  My standards are higher.  This does not mean I don't
agree with you.  It's just that my standards are higher.

Your question is incomplete. I don't know what your "standards" mean. I don't know what /you/ would consider "an improvement."

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