Re: compile for a i686 on x86_64?

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Jeffrey Ross writes:

Subject kinda says it all. I have a x86_64 system but would like to compile binaries for a P3 system that does not have a compiler installed (nor the space for one)
TIA, Jeff
Well, for starters you'll need to install all i386 libraries, starting with
glibc, and proceeding with all other i386 libraries that you need to build
your software.
Then, it should be as simple as passing the -m32 option to gcc. Whatever
software you're trying to install, you must run its configure script, or do
whatever you need to do to the software's build scripts, to get it to
compile all of its source code with an extra compiler gcc option: -m32.
This'll probably work as long as all required i386 libraries are present,
and the software is configured correctly, and it does not use any Linux
kernel headers (which will continue to reflect the 64 bit kernel, even when
building 32-bit stuff).

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