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Jim Douglas:
>> I recently transferred a website from one host to another and have many
>> issues which I believe can be resolved by changing the file permission after
>> ftp'ing the ste to my box..
>> What is the best way to change file and directory ownership to my apache
>> server?

Dotan Cohen:
> man chown
> man chmod

And for completeness' sake, you want to own your files, or root, but not
Apache (you don't want any exploits to be able to re-write files).  They
should be world readable, directories world executable.  Group
permisions aren't important, unless playing with the Apache xbit hack.

e.g. rwx---r-x   root  root   /var/www/html/
     rw----r--   root  root   example.html
     rw----r--   jim  jim     homepage.html

You may also need to play with SELinux contexts.  There's a FAQ about
that on the Fedora website:

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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