Re: Broken Wireless Connectivity

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On 2/18/07, Aaron Konstam <[email protected]> wrote:
On Sun, 2007-02-18 at 18:54 +0000, Dave Cross wrote:
> Then last weekend I had some problems with my wireless access point
> and as part of the diagnosis I removed the configured wireless
> connection and re-added it. And since then it hasn't worked at all. I
> mean that when I try to activate the connection from the network
> configuration wizard, it fails to get a DHCP lease.
I would try the following. Stop the script network from running using
chkconfig and run NetwoirkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher in its
reboot. A applet called nm-applet will start running when you login and
put a icon in the  right corner of your upper panel. Right click on the
icon and you should see the available access point(s). Click on the one
you want. A dot circling display will occur and finally upon connection
a series of vertical bars. Along the way to connecting the first time
you will have a chance to enter the id of the access point and a WEP
password if you haven't done this. I have not set up a new access point
in awhile so I  can't describe exactly what you will see in the initial
configuration steps but it is fairly self explanatory in my memory. Ask
again if you need further clarification.
Thanks. That all works.

I knew about NetworkManager (I use it on the laptop), but I was
convinced that the way to go was to get it it all working manually and
_then_ get NetworkManager on the case. I was sure that NetworkManager
couldn't be cleverer about all this than me.

Score one for artificial intelligence, I guess :)

I'd still be interested in knowing why eth0 has become wifi0 and what
wloan0 is - if anyone has the time or the inclination.



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