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Charles R. Buchanan wrote:
I installed Fedora 6 yesterday and when booting up, there is no video.
The monitor is on (indicator light is green). During the install, it
correctly identified the video card so I assume it loaded/installed the
correct drivers for it.
Anyone ever experience this?


I suspect that rhgb (red hat graphical boot) is the issue.

Boot to a rescue CD, do the chroot, edit /etc/grub.conf, or /mnt/sysimage/boot/grub/grub.conf if ya don't wanna do the chroot thing.
Remove the rhgb (delete the word) from the kernel (the only place it
exists is the kernel line, so just search for rhgb and remove that word).
exit rescue gracefully and all should be well the next time you boot up.

There are still several video cards that just simply do not like the graphical boot.
Good Luck!

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