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On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 18:17 +0100, antonio montagnani wrote:
> When I am trying to update my system by Yumex I receive only for
> extras repo many of these messages and then no mirrors to try.
> Errore ricevendo
>   --> [Errno -1] Metadata file does not match checksum
> Trying other mirror.
> What is happening (I updated two other systems of mine a while ago..)

You've caught the mirrors in mid-sync ie. the packages are likely there
after a master mirror push, but the metadata (or some of it) is still
out of sync.

Given time it will correct itself - I had the same issue updating my
workstation and 2 servers today, I just left it for a while and issued a
"yum update" a little later in the day.


Michael Fleming <mfleming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> in Brisbane, Australia
"Be master of your mind, not mastered by mind"

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