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Paul Ward wrote:

I want to have a promt that changes colour depending on the user that logs in.
I have added the following to the /etc/skel.bashrc and my other users
.bashrc files.

  if [ "$USER" == "root" ]; then
    PS1="\[\033[0;31m\]\[email protected]\h:\w\\$\[\033[0;37m\] "
    PS1="\[\033[0;32m\]\[email protected]\h:\w\\$\[\033[0;37m\] "

this works great through putty but when using a gui the font changes
to grey which is hard to read, this is due to the ansi color 37m, how
can I add a check to see if I am using a putty terminal session or an
X terminal session?

Any one got any other great tips for changing the prompt?


Try to check environment variable TERM.

if [ x"$TERM" = xxterm ]; then
   ## X terminal session
   ## other terminal session

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