Re: cpio upgrade problems

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Maybe its a good idea I subscribe to that list.

On 10/02/07, Mamoru Tasaka <mtasaka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
David Hunter wrote:
> I have the package cpio-2.6-23.fc7 installed, and yum check update
> reveals an updated version is avaliable (2.6-24.fc7). However, when I
> run yum update cpio, it returns:
> yum update cpio
> Error: Missing Dependency: /bin/cpio is needed by package redhat-lsb
> the command: ls /bin | grep cpio
> cpio
> the redhat-lsb version is redhat-lsb-3.1-12.2

Well.. This is fedora development issue and not fedora 5/6 issue
so fedora-devel list is a proper mailing list. Please check the
information on fedora-devel mailing list (this is a known issue).


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David Hunter

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