Re: Burning ISO image on DVD from windows

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Claude Jones wrote:
On Fri February 2 2007, Dev Anshul wrote:
        Which is the best way to burn an ISO image on windows reliably?
There is a program that I had used long back (don't remember the name)
that was very bad and wasted many CDs in this process - I had used it to
try and burn CD ISO images in windows. The reason for this question is
that I'm downloading the FC6 DVD ISO image on a windows machine, and
although it is connected to an intranet, I'm not too sure about
availability of linux machines with a DVD writer.
I used this recently for quite a different reason, and then discovered it had
written itself into my file associations for burning iso's - it actually
worked quite well, so I left it be - it is an open source Windows based
burning utility
I have used deepburner successfully for quite a while. A good place to download the app for free is

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