Re: The Case of the Missing Characters, revisited

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On February 1, 2007, jdow wrote:

> Hook up any old alternative and see if that set of characters works or not.
> If it works and the other keyboard doesn't - maybe NewEgg or one of its
> competitors could provide a German keyboard. Shipping might take a
> long time or be expensive, though.
> {^_^}

That's a great suggestion. I hadn't thought of it, but I would have to buy a 
new keyboard to do it, as I don't have ready access to another right now. The 
curious ting, though, was that it only seems to happen about once a week, for 
about 3-5 minutes, and then all is okay. I'd have to wait quite a while

I may have to resort to this, if nothing else works or it gets worse.

Was talking to a local shop and they can indeed get foreign keyboards, but I 
don't now how fast.

I have not being able to type äüßöáà and the like. There is the xkbd compose 
key as an option, but the extra keys on a 105-key keyboard are so nice.

Wonder why they don't just make all standard keyboards Western European 
compatible, instead of all these different numbers of keys?


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