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On 2/1/07, Anne Wilson <cannewilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thursday 01 February 2007 18:55, Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> For those who may not know, SIP is for the audio stream and H.323 is
> for the video stream.
I'm no expert here, but that doesn't make sense to me.  GnomeMeeting ran with
H.323 before SIP had been brought into the package.  SIP and H.323 are quite
separate protocols, as far as I'm aware.  SIP began to be important with the
advent of VOIP, which was why it had to become part of ekiga.  As it is, you
can use either protocol with ekiga.

I am no expert either. I could be very wrong but I was just under the
impression that Ekiga still did the video portion with H.323 and did
audio with SIP if requested. It is a confusing mish-mash of clients
out there and I don't know of any pure SIP client that handles video
even if SIP can handle a video stream. There seems to be a reluctance
to do everything with SIP. Even Gizmo uses SIP for voice and
Jabber/XMPP for text when text can be done with SIP/SIMPLE.

Maybe XMPP promises to unify audio/video/text but that has yet to happen.

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