Re: Problems with Fedora Core 3

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FC3 is way old ... time to upgrade ... by the way ... wot does gThumb have to do with oss/alsa anyway?
Dev Anshul wrote:
I've experienced problems in sound card installation with FC 3, and I found it to be generally quite unstable - it would not crach, but applications such as gthumb running on it would crach unexpectedly. This problem was the version that I had downloaded when it had just been released. The machine on which I was having these problems was a Pentium III 450 MHz. I have since installed Mandriva 2006 Linux on the same machine, because I needed multimedia functionality on my machine, which this OS provided, since I was able to install the sound card. I'm now upgrading to a Pentium Core 2 Duo machine with on-board sound and graphics and wanted to check if it will be all right to use any Fedora version core 3 and beyond, since I've personally experienced problems with FC 3. I was currently contemplating Fedora Core 2 64-bit for the machine that I'm upgrading to, but I also wanted to check if it is all right to run a 64-bit Fedora version for a home PC, although the vendor says that a Pentium Core 2 Duo would support a 64-bit OS. Will Fedora be able to detect on-board sound and graphics support on a Pentium Core 2 Duo? There is no separate sound or graphics card, and these functionalities are available only on the motherboard, which is an OEM Intel Chipset motherboard.
        - Dev.

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