Re: [OT] Re: spamassassin record score?

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Somewhat off topic but anyways ...

On 1/30/07, Steve Siegfried <[email protected]> wrote:
But, as they say, the polls are still open.

Can anyone top 72.3?

Running your grep command: 74.3 (using default scoring) ... I'm too
lazy to pull out the headers.

Out of curiousity I did a quick search:,1284,59859,00.html
They had a score over 130 in 2003.

Usually I only look at the score only if it somehow makes it into an
inbox, which I push to a "relearn" folder which then I run sa-learn
every few weeks to improve spamassasin. Recently however I've been
modifying the scores to catch some sneaky offenders.


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