Re: [Fedora] FC6 not connecting

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Beartooth wrote:
I also tried "cat
/var/log/dmesg|grep eth0" and got nothing.
Try grepping for 'eth' in /var/log/messages. See if that produces anything. I have some machines whose drivers get logged there as opposed to dmesg.
What should I be looking for in that log??
   Something akin to:

Jan 29 06:59:35 trinity kernel: e100: eth0: e100_probe: addr 0xf4020000, irq 3, MAC addr 00:02:B3:BE:02:87
I'm not even sure what a nic is; but I've owned this machine since it came
out the door of the retailer (in 11/98), and nothing has been done about
any ethernet card(s) in years. It has the same old 10/100 it's had since
who goosed the moose, and nothing at all has been done to any of its
hardware in many moons. I know it should work, and did work -- and has
always figured itself out on boot.
The fact that it's so old might not be such a bad thing. Sometimes because a cadr has been around for so long, there's a good chance its driver has too. On the other hand, it's also possible that the driver has been ripped out of the current source code and you'd have to do things manually to get it working again.
 Like I said, let's start by checking to make sure the system knows
the hardware is actually present. Grep /var/log/messages and let me know.
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