Re: How to set up mirrors in Smart Package Manager?

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On Mon January 29 2007 11:45 am, oleksandr korneta wrote:
> I take my words back. Seems like livna is the best out of all
> repositories in terms of supporting Smart since it even
> specifies the mirrors. How come that I never knew about this
> script? Is there a documentation somewhere?

I'm sorry, but I can't remember how I discovered it. Livna is 
making many good efforts, but, they badly need help. There've 
been several appeals on this list over the past year for 
maintainers and volunteers. My plate is full so I can't do it. 
Their documentation is one thing that is suffering because of 
the lack of manpower. I just poked around their site and didn't 
find anything - I suspect someone told me about the script over 
on the smart list...
Claude Jones
Brunswick, Md, USA

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