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Craig White wrote:
of course that misses the point...since root running GUI is what is not
recommended, thus root running beagle isn't tested.
There is a historical concept in unix that root can do anything. The idea that he
shouldn't is a rather recent admission of bad/poorly tested programming and
the need for a workaround.
The fact that you
run GUI as root, knowing that it isn't tested, it isn't recommended and
in the top 3 things not to do, and in spite of knowing all that, you
choose to do it anyway suggests that advisories of any kind would be
Yes, many people use unix and unix-like systems for their consistency over long periods of time. Kernighan mostly got it right the first time with the simple security
model and anything not fully backwards-compatible needs more than an
advisory warning about such breakage.

 Les Mikesell
  [email protected]

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