Re: sendmail & starttls

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Gregory P. Ennis schrieb:


I am trying to modify our sendmail server to be able to function as a
relay for 3 laptops that have different isp's with roaming ip addresses.
I have the system set up and working very well for fix ip addresses, but
am having authorization problems with STARTTLS.  I have saslauthd
running.  I get good encryption but I have not been able to get
authorization (Verify=No).  Each laptop works perfectly from behind our
network, but will only transfer mail to our internal domain when they
are located remotely.  Mail sent to other domains returns with a "relay
denied" message.  I have not put in the details because I need to study
this problem a little more.  I hope that some of you can direct me to a
tutorial on this in particular I have not been able to get
authorizations to work.


Greg Ennis


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