Re: yum update of xine

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On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 16:23 -0800, don vogt wrote:
> I have a core5. After a "yum upgrade" from core4 after
> legacy list went kaput. (Which worked like a champ, by
> the way)
>  When I do "yum update" it stops with a message
> "xine-lib=1.1.3 is needed by xine-lib-moles"
> I have looked for a xine-lib 1.1.3 binary for core 5
> and haven't been able to find one. I see a lot of
> '1.1.3 rpm's in debug directories and some fc7 files.
>  I have updated the other packages that show in a "yum
> check-update" so I am not bad off but would appreciate
> any hints on xine. Thanks

yum remove xine-lib-moles  - also check to see how many fc4 rpms are
still floating around in your system.   -----gary

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