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David G. Miller wrote:
> Les Mikesell <[email protected]> wrote:
>>   Where's the Linux software that matches this
>> ease of use?  Or that even lets me set up something once by picking
>> from a few selections, then never asks again?
> A glaring example of this is the Thunderbird prompt as to whether images
> should be displayed.  A "learn" function (e.g., "Always display e-mail
> images from this sender?") would be wonderful.  Instead, everyday I have
> to click "Display images" in order to read my "Daily Dilbert" as well as
> several other e-mails.
> There are other examples but this is a case where the developers
> blatantly ignore how most people use a particular program.
A quick fix for this is to put the sender in your address book, and
then enable "Allow remote images if the sender is in my Personal
Address Book" in
Preferences --> Privacy --> General. (The same tab that has the
check box to block loading of remote images.)


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