Re: PAE / x86-64 on 965g

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> > With a P5B-vm MotherBoard with 4 GB installed and either a PAE enabled
> > kernel or a x86_64 anaconda install and the memory remap feature enabled
> > in the BIOS (this is necessary to get above 3gb on the motherboard), my
> > system either crashes during boot or is very unstable (such as text from
> > the initial stages of the boot superimposed over the graphical x86_64
> > boot and the fan suddenly running at top speed and never stopping).
> You have of course used memtest86 to check all that memory is good,
> haven't you?
> (Do I understand that with non PAE kernels the system is stable?)

yes, though only 3 gb of memory is available.
> > This motherboard is said to work with a win64 system...
> That doesn't imply as much as one might like.


Bios doesn't recognize the 4th gb of memory with the remapping enabled
in bios and the remapping doesn't seem to work with PAE or x86_64.

I've contacted customer support at asus and hope...they can get a bios
that will let me do a x86_64 install that will recognize all my memory.

The current bios is only a month old and actually in beta and was
released for windows to address this problem on a 64 bit system.

Their remapping scheme seems to fail under linux though unless there is
something I don't know about.


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