Mail senders' address extraction

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Is anyone aware of a program that will extract all unique senders'
addresses from a Mozilla/SeaMonkey Inbox and write them to a text file?
I tried 'grep From: $PATH/Inbox | grep "@" | sort | uniq >' which gets a
lot of what I want but a lot of what I don't want, along with it.
The SPAM situation has gotten to the point that I'm gonna start doing
permissive filtering -- mail from anyone not specifically allowed gets
auto-dumped.  The idea is to get a list of everyone who has mailed me in
2006 and decide who of those on that list I'd like to hear from in 2007
and beyond.

It's now 12:20:29 PM on December 26 ....
Only 363 Days, 5 Hours, 39 Minutes and 31 Seconds to gather up
stuff that'll get returned next year.

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