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On 22Dec2006 16:02, William Case <[email protected]> wrote:
| Who or what is responsible for positioning newly opened windows in
| Fedora 6 and Gnome 2.16?  Is it Fedora, Xorg, Gnome, MetaCity, or the
| application.

Metacity - it is the window manager.

Firstly, its behaviour can be adjusted to suit your desires (like all
things: up to a point).

Secondly, if you don't like what it can be told to do, you can run any
of several other window managers.

"man metacity" (you _did_ try that, didn't you, since you knew to ask
about metacity) says:

    metacity  configuration  can  be  found  under Preferences->Windows and
    Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts on the menu-panel.  Advanced  configura-
    tion  can  be  achieved directly through gconf editing (gconf-editor or

I don't run metacity; I run FVWM, my other runs icewm. Metacity is very
simple but not amazingly flexible. FVWM is extremely flexible. There are othe
window managers available in between. Several are mentioned here:


| [... various desires ...]

Sounds like you need to move to a window manager that offers more

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