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Malcolm Moore wrote:
If I run the sound detection or play sound and push
the headphone or speaker socket ALMOST home the sound
works fine out of the front or the back sockets . If I push the
plug completely home so it clicks the sound stops.

This is a white box with all Intel chip sets - the sound card
is detected as 82801G ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller

Has anyone seen this/know what the problem is



Hi Malcom,
I opened a bug in bugzilla about this (or very similar) problem. See
I still have to complete my test on my PCs, but in the meantime I bought
a new headphone and the problem seems to have gone, but it did not check
it at home yet so I cannot say if it really works.
So I suggest you to install the new driver and see if it works for you.
In a few days I should be able to report my tests.
Many thanks

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