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On Thu December 21 2006 8:27 am, Anne Wilson wrote:
> I understand that, but thought it likely that one person would have access
> to a disk copying utility.  For that matter, I'd be surprised if
> sourceforge can't offer something that could do it under windows.  I do
> know someone who uses a whole raft of sourceforge utilities with windows.
> One thing that has confused me in this thread is that nowhere have I seen
> mention of the file format his original files are.  If we knew that we may
> be able to help more.  For instance, if his files needed converting to .wav
> files we could suggest utilities to do that, then zip the files, since
> unzip utilities have been available as freeware or shareware for decades,
> Just thinking around the problem, and feeling that we don't really know
> exactly what the problem is.

I see the list has been busy while I've been sleeping - thanks to all for the 
responses. As far as Anne's suggestion goes, we're not dealing with one 
office, but many, all over the world, as well as individuals we want to make 
it available to. Contrary to Tim's speculations, AFAIR which is now a lot, 
you can't just burn an .iso file for an audio cd - it's a different sort of 
beast, not really a file system, and doesn't lend itself to that approach - 
perhaps I'm wrong, but that's what I see in many discussions. What we've 
discovered is a freeware utility that is a Windows program, but that installs 
and runs fine under Wine - it's called 'Exact Audio Copy' - this is used to rip the original source (to 
answer Anne), which is an audio cd, to the hard drive - the result is a 
large .wav file and a .cue file - with those two files, which constitute an 
image, most Windows burning programs can then burn back the original audio 
cd - we've tested it with Nero and Roxio which seem to be the most 
ubiquitous, and they work fine - so we're taking the two files and zipping 
them up, and making those available via ftp - thanks to all, again - hope 
this is useful. We wanted this done for Christmas by the way, which is the 
other reason Anne's suggestion wasn't going to function

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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