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Norm wrote:
> If I boot tp level 3 and do some command line admin stuff then switch to
> a user account and continue to open  a gui interface my thumb drive is
> not permitted to mount. At the gui level if I log out as a user  and log
> in as root the drive loads, I can then switch back to a user account and
> the drive is loaded, my other choice is to go from boot through run
> level 3 and open the gui as a user and the drive is mounted.  I have not
> checked but assume that I could also go straight to run level 5 and open
> as a user and the drive would be mounted.
> What I do as root at run level 3 does not seem to be the problem, it
> seems that the simple logging in as root  is the problem.  The choices
> to work around this are easy enough but I would like to understand why
> the issue occurs,  Have others run across a similar situation?
> Norm
Are you using "su - <username> to change to the user. I don't
remember how console.perms handles USB drives, and I can't check on
it right now, but it sounds like this may be the problem.
Console.perms gives control of selected hardware to the user that
"owns" the console. But it does not change ownership or permissions
when you use su to change users.


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