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Scott van Looy schrieb:
> Today Benjamin Franz did spake thusly:
>> On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Joe Tseng wrote:
>>> I want to be able to cache yum updates locally so when I build
>>> machines via kickstart I can have them update more quickly from a
>>> local server.  I can't seem to recall how to do this using wget, and
>>> googling hasn't turned anything up yet.  Does anyone know of some
>>> page that describes how to do this?  Thx.
>> My personal hack is set yum to cache (add 'keepcache=1' in
>> /etc/yum.conf) before updating the first machine I build on a new
>> distro. Then when I build the second or later machines I tarball up
>> /var/cache/yum and drop it into the new machine before starting the
>> first update. It isn't pretty, but as long you are working inside a
>> single architecture it works like a champ.
> Could you not set up squid on the gateway and then set yum to use a proxy?
take apache or vs_ftp and build an local mirror of the update Server.
Then add an additional repo file.

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