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Marc Hoffman wrote:
> Hi all...
> I'm running Mac OS X Server 10.4.8. I'm trying to export a share point
> via NFS to two types of linux clients: Red Hat (Fedora) and OpenSuse.
> When I mount the NFS export on the two clients, I'm finding
> inconsistencies in permissions handling. Specifically:
> 1. Red Hat client - when file and folders are created, they have POSIX
> permissions of owner: read/write, group: read/write, others: read only
> 2. Suse Client - files and folders are created with owner: read/write,
> group: read only, everyone: read only.
> What I really want is for all three (owner, group, and everyone) to have
> read and write access to the share and to have all files/folders created
> in that share to have the read/write for all permissions. I am
> controlling access to the shares via IP address restrictions.
> Are there any command switches that I need to have on the Linux clients
> to ensure that the proper permissions are set on created/copied files
> and folders?
> Thank in advance.
You can change the default umask, but this will result in ALL file
and directories created by the user having those permissions, not
just the ones on the NFS mount.


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