Re: gnucash 2.0.2-1.fc6.x86-64 depends on firefox

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On 12/13/06, Peter Gordon <[email protected]> wrote:
According to a `yum deplist gnucash`, Gnucash depends on Yelp (most
likely for its help and documentation system internally). Yelp, in turn,
uses the Gecko libraries of Firefox for its rendering.

Ah, thank you Peter. I didn't know about 'yum deplist'. For the
curious,  here's a synopsis of the output for yelp:

package: yelp.x86_64 2.16.0-9.fc6
  provider: firefox.x86_64
  provider: firefox.x86_64
 dependency: gecko-libs =
  provider: firefox.i386
  provider: firefox.x86_64

Everything except 'gecko-libs' is also provided by thunderbird but, as
you suggested, 'gecko-libs' is only available from firefox.

This  seems strange to me - that to install yelp you actually have to
download and install all of firefox. Just looked into yelp. It is the
gnome help browser. Since I don't have yelp installed this would
explain why F1 is not working for me in my installation. This makes it
doubly strange; firefox has to be installed to view help in gnome!


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