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On 12/14/06, Manuel Arostegui <[email protected]> wrote:
On Thu, December 14, 2006 10:09, Fernando Apesteguía wrote:
> Hello people,
> Can anyone tell me how to disable beagle indexing?
> In addition, sometimes my CPU goes up to 100% of usage and top shows
> that pdftotext is running... is this related to beagle? Why pdftotext?
> Thanks in advance.

Beagle runs as a cron job - /etc/cron.daily/beagle-crawl-system is run daily, so can be modified
and controlled like any other cron job, for example moving beagle-crawl-system into

To prevent a directory (and all of its subdirectories) from being indexed, create an empty file
named .noindex and place it in the directory. Add a list of files and directories to the .noindex
file to prevent those files and directories from being indexed. Wild cards are permitted in the
.noindex file.

You can also put a .neverindex file in your home directory with a list of files that should never
be indexed

Kind regards


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Or if you are a GUI type of person, I believe you can do that via
System, Preferences, Search & Indexing.  From there you can specify
other folders in addition to your home folder to be indexed, and there
is another window where you can specify what you want excluded from
being indexed.

But being a command line person and wanting to know what happens
behind a GUI, I appreciate Manuel's info.

Jacques B.

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