Re: PVR-150 TV card woes

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Colin Brace wrote:
On 12/13/06, Daniel Parish <[email protected]> wrote:

I use the included script
Included with what? I can't find any such perl script on my system. I
have ivtv 0.8.1 installed from atrpms.

Not quite as convenient as the onscreen channel widget
called (if memory serves), but I haven't tried that one out
since migrating to FC6.
I'd happily settle for the perl script.

As an aside, I'm still wondering about the utility of hardware mpeg
encoding. The raw mpeg stream from the PVR-150 takes up on the order
of 3 gb of diskspace an hour, so you still need to further encode PVR
output, either on the fly with mencoder or later with avidemux from
the humongous disk file. Presumably the latter approach gives better
results, but is there that much difference and/or is it worth trouble,
given the middling quality of analog TV input? I also have a Pinnacle
card, which works well with tvtime, and on-the-fly mpeg2 encoding done
in software certainly is feasible on my pentium IV box. Thoughts on

Thanks for the reply.

Change bitrate to lower values with ivtvctl.
ivtvctl -h
       bitrate_mode  =<#> bitrate mode (0 = VBR, 1 = CBR)
       bitrate       =<#> bitrate (DVD max = 9.6Mbps)
       bitrate_peak  =<#> peak bitrate (must be greater than bitrate)

Regards, Bob
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