Re: cpu overheating

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Arthur Pemberton wrote:
On 12/11/06, Greg Trounson <[email protected]> wrote:
James Wilkinson wrote:
> Mike Chalmers wrote:
>> Once again, things like this are unacceptable. I am afraid to use
>> Fedora 6 now. I alos, have am having problems after a clean
>> installation.
> That's misplaced fear -- fear your *hardware*.

Unless there is a problem with, say, lmsensors mis-reading the CPU temperature register
and freaking out.

Not impossible, I should think.

I do not think that lm_sensors is involved in that process.
Apologies, I should have said acpid.

To add further credibility to the dodgy software theory though, what hardware/firmware protection mechanisms do you know of that upon detecting high CPU temperature dump the user back to a login screen?
Returning to the login screen could be either a reboot or killing X, neither of which a
sane BIOS would do in a CPU overheat event. Every BIOS I've ever seen shuts the machine
down, which makes more sense if it's overheating.

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