Re: *ALMOST* longing for Windows stability

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Ian Malone:
>> Press e to edit the selected boot commands and add '3' to the
>> end of the line that boots the kernel. Not entirely sure where
>> this is documented, but a useful piece of knowledge (especially
>> if you've forgotten the root password for a machine).

Actually it's runlevel 1 you'd want, for that purpose.

Arthur Pemberton:
> Any reason this hasn't been made easier/more intuitive in grub yet? It
> seems most of the time this is necessary, it is by someone who doesn't
> know how to do it yet.

The hotkeys for using GRUB are documented, they're even explained to you
on the boot screens.

Adding a runlevel option to the kernel line isn't a GRUB thing, it's
kernel thing.  That's documented in the appropriate place, too.

Altogether, they're documented in numerous places on the WWW, if you
find the right keywords to search for.

Test running FC6 & FC5, and still using FC4.
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