Resizing an LVM volume to make way for XP install?

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First, let me get this off my chest. I'm having a bad day. Nothing I've tried today has worked - at all - and it's only noon. Lots more can go wrong. And to top that, my hound dog died and my baby left me and I lost my pickup truck by some dad-gum ringer in a poker game.
Anyway, back to our story.

I've got FC6 running smooth as silk on a TP T30. 60 GB drive. Love it. For reasons best left unsaid until after a beer or seven. I'm going to install XP and make this a dual boot.
My machine has the default FC6 partitioning scheme with LVM, except that
I split / (55GB) into / (25GB) and /home (30GB) partitions (in the LVM).
My plan is to free up space on the /home partition, using 10 GB of home
for XP.
I've been goofing around with the Administration | LVM applet to try to
resize /home but two issues have risen:
1. I can't figure out how to do it (LVM says I need to unmount /home and
it can't do that since /home is in use).
2. I'm a-feered that /home being in a LV means that if I resize it, I'll
have free space in a logical partition - and that XP won't/can't be
installed in that logical free space.
So.... suggestions?

Whil Hentzen

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