Re: Kernel 2.6.18 cifs instability

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On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 10:18:49 +1300, Greg Trounson wrote:

> I'm having major stability problems with 2.6.18-x kernels.  When trying to mount cifs 
> shares with any 2.6.18 kernel on FC5 or FC6 the system becomes unstable, usually crashing 
> with a kernel panic a few seconds after the mount.  I've seen this on several machines, 
> including a dual athlon box (i386), and an athlon64 (x86_64).  A typical log for what goes 
> on is attached below.
> I've also been having stability problems with 2.6.18 on my Debian Sid box, though not 
> related to cifs mounts, so I'm wondering if this kernel release might have just escaped 
> the barn a bit early.
> In every case I've had to revert to 2.6.17 and had no problems since.
> Is anyone else seeing this?
> thanks,
> Greg

Yes, absolutely the same symptoms as mine.  Look at these bug reports.  I
suggest you add your comment there to let the support people know.


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