Re: amandas group membership in FC6?

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On Saturday 25 November 2006 11:05, David G. Miller wrote:
>Gene Heskett <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> Despite the fact that the user 'amanda' is a member of the group
>> 'disk', all compilations and new files generated by the user amanda
>> seem to be owned by amanda:amanda instead of the expected amanda:disk.
>> The end result is that many of my backup operations are failing
>> because the amanda utility doesn't have perms to delete or write to
>> files actually owned by amanda:disk.
>> I just went thru all the directory trees amanda needs to access and
>> chowned everything back the way its supposed to be, but then I built
>> the 20061124 tarball just now, and everything is still owned by
>> amanda:amanda.
>> >From my  /etc/group file:
>> disk:x:6:root,amanda
>> So I blew it away, called up KUsr and verified that amanda was indeed
>> a member of the group disk.  Even deleted the user and re-added it and
>> made sure this new copy of amanda was a member of the group disk.
>> Then as "amanda", I unpacked it again and rebuilt it, but I still have
>> the
>> same problem.  Because none of the files are owned by amanda:disk, the
>> end result is several megs of dead, can't do a thing code that I'd
>> just as well not bother with the 'make install'.
>> Anything that amanda has touched over the last 4 days since I started
>> running it again has been converted to being owned by amanda:amanda,
>> and if the file existed, and was to be deleted as part of the
>> housekeeping, was not because the old file was owned by amanda:disk. 
>> So my backups are being slowly trashed because the indice files are
>> not updatable.
>> Whats the deal with FC6 and its owner:group handling?  Am I setting up
>> the
>> user wrong or what?
>You probably had the default of "Create private group for user" still
>checked when you created the user.  When that's checked, the user gets
>created and the default group for the user is set to a new group with
>the same name as the user.  You should still be able to change the
>default group to "disk" for your amanda user.  I run Gnome so I can't
>help you with the details.

Useing kde-3.5.5, I didn't notice that option in the tools supplied. There 
was Kusr, and something called user manager.  But the first time I just 
ran 'adduser amanda'.

>Dumb question: why didn't you just do a "yum install amanda
>amanda-client"?  It's much easier than building amanda and manually
>setting up the user, etc.

2 reasons,
1) whats in the repos is often a year or more out of date, and due to the 
restrictions of the rpm packaging system usually has permission problems 
that can only be sorted correctly by nuking the rpm and following the 
build instructions to install the tarball.  This is the first time I've 
had problems installing a tarball in 6 years!

2) I'm one of the canaries in this particular coal mine, I make and 
install the new snapshots as often as Jean-Louis releases them, so if 
there are any gotcha's I can report back the next day on their lists.
Thats one of my contributions to your having the worlds best backup 

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> principles. -- Ambrose Bierce

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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