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On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 00:34 -0500, William Case wrote:
> If I am to download mplayer, could some one give me a quick
> explanation why I am doing that, why doesn't totem and gstreamer do
> the same thing,

Not all programs have the same features, and some are better than others
even when they're doing the same thing.  You may need more than one to
use different services.

> and where is the safest place (i.e. repos) to get it?

<> Tells you how set things up to use the Livna
repo.  Livna is, at least, one place you get get it quite painlessly. 

<> Has reasonably simple to follow
instructions about installing things like mplayer.

> Does it self-install as a plugin or do I have to configure?

There's a mplayer-plugin that provides that feature.

You probably want to install several things in one go:

  yum install mplayer mplayer-gui mplayer-skins mplayer-fonts mplayerplug-in

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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