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Gene Heskett wrote:
> Grettings;
> In an attempt to stem the tide of junk email messages I am receiving 
> daily, several hundred, I've done a search on the phrase mailstat that I 
> found a reference to in the procmail docs, and renamed both of those that 
> fell out of a locate mailstat command.
> BUT, I cannot find any reference to useing them in either my fetchmailrc 
> or my procmailrc, so where in the chain are these nausiating reports 
> being called from.
> Humm, and that didn't help, I just got another of them from what I think 
> is the last fetchmail run.
> How the hell can I shut these things off?  I don't care how many emails 
> procmail/spamd inspects just as long as it does it, which it is.
> Many thanks to those who can help.

I've a suggestion.  Please post the entire contents, including headers, of
one of the "nausiating reports".  This may at least give someone a clue as
to what you are seeing.

You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd.

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