Re: modprobe.conf is ignored

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Ric Moore wrote:
> Did you look in "services" to see if there is a new or old daemon to
> start??

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately there is no such service.

I found out why the modprobe.conf line does not work as expected. It is
not ignored but cannot be executed the way it should be. The problem is
that the ipw3945 module is loaded by udev at a stage when the filesystem
is still mounted read-only. Hence, the ipe3945d daemon is not able to
create its pid file (and also my "touch /test" test failes). I found
this explanation here:

So maybe I have to write my own service or I modify the modprobe entry
such that a script is started in the background that waits for the
filesystem to be mounted read-write and then starts the daemon.


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