Re: Partial FC6 upgrade?

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Tony Nelson wrote:
> I'm thinking the problem might be from the puplet interfering with
ongoing transactions which is killing the rpm databases. This is a
WAG so I really will have to disable the puplet applet and note if
database corruption is ongoing or not present any longer.

I as well am slightly suspicious of puplet (and pirut), though they should
be using RPM and not be able to introduce such issues.  I'll just keep my
eyes on the database; I may add a nightly cron task to do this if I can be
sure of handling locking issues.
I am now applying updates via the puplet applet and seeing if the
corruption issue will cease. As past practices, I use yum from a root
shell mostly. Everything seems to install fine when using the puplet to
launch pup. I did have a problem with control-center not installing
because of a scriptlet error. This is with current development which is
pretty stable and with few conflicting packages at present.
Please inform of what the automatic updates do for you.

This command verifies the various RPM database files:

    []# ( cd /var/lib/rpm ; for name in `find . ! -name '__db*' -type f -print` ; do echo "$name" ; /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdb_verify "$name" ; done )
I ran this and ended up with the below output with no out of the
ordinaty output (Except the files listed below. Do I read these files
after running the script or expect output if something is incorrect?

Then I get back to the shell prompt. (as root)

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