Re: UTF-8?

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Tom Horsley wrote:

> You can eradicate the scourge of UTF-8 by sticking this in
> your .bashrc (assuming you use bash):

It seems you live and work in a singular world.

> # Redhat is fooling themselves if they think UTF8 actually functions well
> # all the time (or even any of the time)...

You are quite wrong in that statement.  It is only thru Unicode and the
various encodings, UTF8 being one of them, where in a single email people
can communicate in more than one language or character set.

라톤테크의 뉴스 게시판입니다

My wife can speak and write in English, Korean, and Chinese.  Her brother
can speak and write in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.  Her brother's wife
only speaks and writes Korean...and she is also not computer literate.  So,
when my wife emails to her brother she writes in "Traditional Chinese" and
will sometimes include a portion in Korean for her sister in law to read.

Without UTF8 that would have been quite impossible.

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